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Devices as a service - the next level laptop and phone procurement

The traditional ownership model for business devices has become outdated. It lacks flexibility, creates operational burdens, negatively impacts cashflow, and is ecologically harmful. We provide an innovative alternative in the form of flexible access to the optimal tech for your entire operation, delivered as a service to consistently meet your ever-changing demands.

  • adapting to you

    Laptops forgotten in drawers and people working on inadequate equipment will become a thing of the past. With INKI, you can provision, return, or swap devices whenever team members join, leave, or their needs change.

  • financially smart

    Why invest in depreciating assets? Let your cash work for you. Our service eliminates high upfront costs, is fully deductible, and makes the device fleet costs precisely forecastable by eliminating any hidden or unexpected expenses.

  • forget insurance

    Comprehensive insurance is embedded in our service, so all worries (and costs) associated with incidents are a thing of the past. If any of your devices gets broken, lost, or stolen, we replace it for a fixed cost of €90. It's as simple as that.

  • green tech

    Through professional care and refurbishment, INKI extends the lifecycle of each device by up to 70%, minimizing the ecological impact of technology. INKI is a proud member of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation Community.


Our devices

We offer a wide range of business-class devices, from optimal office laptops to high-end machines for specialized workflows. All devices are sourced directly from the brands or through their authorized resellers and serviced through an EU-wide network of approved service centers.

Apple iPhone
from €38 / month
Apple MacBook
from €38 / month
Samsung Galaxy phones
from €38 / month
Windows-based laptops
from €38 / month
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What else?

EU-wide servicing

Forget the hassles of managing the devices of a remote team - INKI delivers and services its devices anywhere in the EU.

Device management portal

Stay on top of things and operate your device fleet like a pro with INKI's management hub, included with your INKI subscription.

Operational support

INKI is like an extra pair of hands, handling device acquisition, servicing, warranty and insurance claims, device replacement, and many things in between.

Enterprise data security

Data security comes as a standard with INKI. Our devices are secured through direct integration with Apple DEP and Android Enterprise Zero-touch so that your data is as secure as possible.

Access to new and refurbished devices

With INKI you get to choose from a fleet of new and profesionally refurbished devices.

Graceful decommissioning

With traditional device ownership, 70% of devices end up in the landfill. Not so with INKI - we ensure that once returned, each device is refurbished and utilised in the secondary market.

Benefits for enterprise

Fleet buyback options

INKI can purchase your existing fleet and offer it back to you along with our comprehensive services, including insurance, data security, and support.

Compliance support

INKI's data security standard facilitates establishing a robust security baseline and implementing the requirements for certifications such as ISO 27001 and SOC 2 Type II.

Systems integration

INKI can integrate with pre-existing software to facilitate deployment and adoption. A Slack plugin is available to facilitate IT admins' easy access to device management and security functions.

Give your team superpowers with inki.

Recommended by industry innovators

Some of the today's most innovative companies use INKI to optimise their fleet logistics, cashflow, data security and compliance.

  • Ágoston StarmannCEO @

    “Switching to INKI was great for us. Their Device as a Service model meant less hassle managing devices and more focus on our actual work. Highly recommended!”

  • Ioan IacobCEO @

    "We use INKI to create leverage for our business in how we operate our logistics internally and also, INKI is a great partner that took every opportunity to remove friction for us."

  • Alin DobraCEO @

    “Among INKI’s multiple benefits, data security is particularly important for us as we're on our way to getting our company ISO 27001-certified.”

  • Sorin EnacheCOO &

    “INKI proved to be an innovative service that delivers on its promises and we’re happy to provide them with our warm recommendation.”

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The term sheet*

*forget the fine print. There isn’t one.

Service overview

Our Devices as a Service (DaaS) is an all-inclusive, long-term rental of IT devices like laptops, phones, displays, and other equipment. The service provides flexible access to optimal technology and comprehensive device management, all for a flat monthly subscription fee.


This is a device rental agreement, meaning you can use the devices for the rental period as if they were your own, without actually owning them. When the rental period ends, we collect the old devices and can provide new ones according to your needs.

Flexible rental period

Our standard rental agreement spans two years, offering both flexibility and consistency. Whether you need a shorter term or a longer commitment, we can adjust to suit your timeline. You can modify or cancel your rental at any time before the end of your rental period for a one-time fee of €90. Experience hassle-free renting with no strings attached.

Device options

As part of our standard package, we provide brand new devices. However, for those seeking an even more cost-effective option, we also have a selection of high-quality redeployed or refurbished devices available at a discount. In either case, we take full responsibility for their operational condition, regardless of their warranty status. You can forget about warranty issues — that's our problem, not yours.

Device management

We are responsible for ensuring the devices are fully operational. In case of any issues, whether warranty-related or not, we handle the repair, collection, and delivery at no extra cost. The monthly fee always covers everything.

Device insurance

The devices are insured against any damage caused by you or others. In case of accidental damage, loss, or theft, you only pay a one-time fee of €90 (just like you would pay as an insurance excess), and we will repair or replace the device. The monthly fee covers everything else.

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INKI was founded on the belief that device-as-a-service is the ideal model for the new generation of agile, efficient, environmentally-conscious businesses.
founded in2019