Devices as a service – beyond rental

Our Devices as a Service (DaaS) subscription redefines IT device management by offering a scalable, subscription-based model that caters to businesses ranging from SMEs to large enterprises.

More than just device rental

We deliver a full suite of services designed to streamline operations, optimise capital expenditure, and improve financial planning.


Businesses gain access to the latest tech, support, and flexibility, all while shifting the IT investment from capital to operational expenses.

Seamless transition to sustainability

With INKI, you simplify and automate the fleet renewal process, keeping your team equipped with modern devices while contributing to a circular economy ecosystem.

Why is DaaS the better option?

Why our DaaS (Devices as a Service) outperforms leasing and traditional ownership

Cash flow-friendly
Cash flow-friendly
Low upfront cost, pay as you use
Low upfront cost
Large one-off cost
Flexible - return any time
Flexible - return any time
Devices can be returned or replaced any time
Tied to fixed long term contracts
High friction on returns, replacements and disposal
Deductible operational expense (OPEX)
Deductible operational expense (OPEX)
Fully deductible in all territories
Accounting and tax treatment can be complicated and varies by jurisdiction
Partially deductible via depreciation
Predictable cost
Predictable cost
Fully predictable due to embedded insurance
Exposed to risks of unexpected costs
Exposed to risks of unexpected costs
EU-wide warranty, insurance and servicing
EU-wide warranty, insurance and servicing
Full EU coverage for all INKI services
No services typically included
No services typically included
Device management platform
Device management platform
Requires third-party solutions
Requires third-party solutions
Hassle-free administration
Hassle-free administration
INKI handles all operations related to servicing, insurance claims, device replacement, etc
Performed by in-house personnel
Performed by in-house personnel
Enterprise-grade data protection
Enterprise-grade data protection
Enterprise data protection via native integration with Apple and Android ecosystems
No data protection included
No data protection included
Access to both new and redeployed devices
Access to both new and redeployed devices
New and redeployed options available
Typically requires separate services
Typically requires separate services
Sustainable model based on circular economy
Sustainable model based on circular economy
Devices are refurbished and given a second life
The model encourages the maximisation of consumption
The model encourages the maximisation of consumption



We offer two onboarding options: self-service for SMEs who value speed and agility, and fully managed onboarding for larger teams that might need custom solutions.

Instant Online Setup with INKI

INKI's DaaS solution mirrors the simplicity and speed of online shopping.

Select your devices in our shop

Choose your devices yourself in our online shop, or reach out to our customer support team or to Blinki, our digital assistant, if you need any help.

E-sign the master services agreement

The agreement between your company and INKI is done digitally through our web app, accessible from desktops and Apple and Android-based phones.

Confirm your order and receive your devices

Once you confirm your order, your devices are delivered anywhere in the EU - a home office, an office building, a co-working space, or anywhere else.

Through a streamlined, paperless onboarding process, our clients can quickly select devices and set up delivery across the EU.

Sounds good, right? Let’s start!

Devices and pricing


Peace of mind after delivery

Once your devices are delivered and in operation, our commitment to your business's uninterrupted productivity takes the forefront.

What’s included in the monthly subscription?

Hassle-free insurance

Enjoy continuous productivity with our simple yet comprehensive insurance solution. If a device gets damaged, lost, or stolen, we will immediately replace or repair it (a €90 fee per device will apply).

Continuous adaptation to your business needs

INKI's service is designed for unparalleled adaptability. With the option to return or upgrade devices at any time for a flat fee, businesses can easily scale their operations in response to changing requirements, ensuring the technology always matches the task at hand.

Robust privacy & data security

Total Data Protection: Our devices, equipped with Mobile Device Management (MDM) software, securely and safely delivered through Apple Device Enrollment Program and Android Enterprise Zero-Touch Enrollment, offer robust security against unauthorized access. In the event of a loss, you can remotely lock or wipe the devices, ensuring your data remains safe.

Flexible Security Options: Enterprise customers and companies with existing security setups can opt to replace INKI's security features with their own or integrate INKI's tech with their existing security stack.

Absolute Privacy: We assure that accessing and monitoring device data is impossible for us. Your operations stay private, with data access strictly yours. Our role is to provide the security tools—your data remains exclusively under your control.

Hardware maintenance, handled for you

With INKI, malfunctioning or broken devices will not create any extra hassle for you. INKI will pick up, repair or replace, and deliver the devices back to their intended users.

Easily accessible support

We provide multiple layers of support to provide comprehensive coverage of requirements including:

  • Warranty and insurance events

  • Account management

  • Device recomendations

  • Technical support


One more thing...

The costumer portal

Your Device Management Portal

This tool simplifies the management of your devices, making it easy to handle assignments, track device statuses, and access support—all in one place.

All your devices in one place

Designed to give you a clear overview and instant access to the information you need to manage your team’s technology effectively.

Assign devices to specific users

Easily track device assignments and transfer ownership within the team.

Access support

Device support can be managed centrally by IT admins and even delegated to end users to support the optimisation of internal IT processes.

Our device management portal is more than just a gateway to our services — it's a straightforward and functional device management platform. With it, you gain unparalleled oversight of your entire device fleet. At a glance, you can see which employee is using which device, as well as access comprehensive details about each device, ensuring you're always informed and in control.



At the End of the Period

As the rental period concludes, INKI demonstrates its commitment to sustainability and client convenience.

What happens when the rental period is about to expire?

Select and receive your new device

When your rental period is nearing its end, you can easily choose your next device from our extensive selection on our online platform or with the assistance of our support team. The new device will be delivered to you before the old rental period expires, ensuring a smooth transition.

Comfortable transition timeframe

We provide a generous transition timeframe, so you have ample time to set up your new device at your convenience before we collect the old one. This ensures a comfortable and stress-free switch.

Productivity uninterrupted

Our goal is to ensure your productivity remains uninterrupted during the transition. You can continue using your current device until you're fully set up with your new one, minimizing any potential downtime.

ok, but what about the old gear?

Don’t worry, we leave no tech behind!

Retrieval of old device

Once you've switched to your new device, we will arrange to retrieve your old device from your location. You can schedule a convenient time for us to pick it up, ensuring a hassle-free return process.


We carefully refurbish returned devices, repairing any issues and cleaning them thoroughly. This process ensures that the devices are in excellent condition for their next user, giving them a second chance at life.

The second life of the device

After refurbishment, the devices are given a second life, where they may be rented out, sold, or donated. This helps to minimize electronic waste and support sustainable tech practices.

Sustainable access to the latest tech with inki.