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From device acquisition to recycling, INKI manages the logistics of your fleet so that you can better focus on what matters

The typical INKI device lifecycle

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is INKI?

We are an asset-as-a-service service provider, more precisely our services can be classified as a long-term lease with maintenance, security and insurance services included.

Who can benefit from INKI?

INKI's services are available to companies of all sizes. They are not currently available to persons.

Are the devices financed?

Yes. Our services are supported by partners in the banking area and the onboarding process is much simplified by innovative ways of risk management.

How do I pay?

Our preferred payment methods are direct debit and recurring payment from the business card. The invoice is issued at the beginning of each rental month and you have 7 days to pay. The first invoice is paid in advance or, at the latest, with the delivery of the order.

What is the rental term?

The rental term is practically monthly because you have the freedom to return, upgrade or downgrade the device anytime. The standard term is 12 or 24 months but you can continue renting for up to 60 months.

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