INKI takes the hassle away from owning and managing business devices

Rent, Don't Own

INKI's model is to provide business customers with the devices they need, when they need them, in exchange for an easy monthly fee.

In this model, the initial expenditure (CAPEX) is replaced with an operational cost (OPEX) thus improving your cashflow. Also, all the unpredictable costs of owning devices are eliminated as we've got you completely covered. Plus, you are no longer tied to a long term contract on a purchase that has already occured

Freedom to return and exchange at any time

With INKI, you have the flexibility to Return, Upgrade, Downgrade, or Switch equipment at any time. These operations are free after the minimum contractual period of the device being exchanged or returned, or 90 euro per device otherwise.

Upon completing the minimum contractual period, you can upgrade to the latest model. You also have the flexibility to return, upgrade, or switch equipment at any time. Before the contract term, there is just a 90 EUR flat fee per device, with no questions asked.

Comprehensive insurance

On average, 30% of the mobile phones and laptops a company operates get damaged, lost of stolen.

All INKI devices are insured against theft, loss, and any kind of accidental damage. So even when a device needs complete replacement, as an INKI customer you wouldn't have to pay for a new device, but for a fixed service fee of 90 euro per device.

Secure by design

Data and device security is at the heart of INKI's service model. All INKI's devices are pre-configured with data encryption and basic remote control capability so that a device can be locked and its data wiped out, completely remotely. This way, the chances of data security incidents are minimised when devices are misplaced, lost or stolen.

Easy device maintenance

Need service? We've got you covered, wherever you are.

Aware of the workforce flexibility in today's business environment, INKI's service includes door-to-door delivery and servicing of all devices.

Business Continuity Options

Larger businesses might benefit from INKI's Device Pool service, which aims to eliminate employee downtime by stocking essential replacement devices on INKI's or client's premises.

Existing fleet buyback

Leveraging its sustainable device refurbishment model, INKI can buy the existing device fleets at market competitive rates. Reach us out for a quote.

Sustainable by design

INKI adheres to a circular economy business model, bringing sustainability with extra comfort, together.

Sourcing your devices through INKI, you join a planet-friendly ecosystem which reuses all devices and components to the extent that is technologically possible, minimising waste and negative impact on our planet.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is INKI?

We are an asset-as-a-service service provider, more precisely our services can be classified as a long-term lease with maintenance, security and insurance services included.

Who can benefit from INKI?

INKI's services are available to companies of all sizes. They are not currently available to persons.

Are the devices financed?

Yes. Our services are supported by partners in the banking area and the onboarding process is much simplified by innovative ways of risk management.

How do I pay?

Our preferred payment methods are direct debit and recurring payment from the business card. The invoice is issued at the beginning of each rental month and you have 7 days to pay. The first invoice is paid in advance or, at the latest, with the delivery of the order.

What is the rental term?

The rental term is practically monthly because you have the freedom to return, upgrade or downgrade the device anytime. The standard term is 12 or 24 months but you can continue renting for up to 60 months.

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