We all know that feeling. That awesome feeling of unboxing and setting up the very latest iphone or macbook. However, the expense of continuously buying the latest devices can prevent us from upgrading as often as we would like. This is particularly true in companies, where hundreds of devices can very quickly add up to hundreds of thousands of euros. How can you upgrade your business technology at any time without breaking the bank? Easy: devices-as-a-service.

Devices-as-a-service: the gateway to unlimited upgrade

We supply your business with all its phone and laptop needs for one monthly fee. That fee covers the rental of the devices, as well as ongoing support and maintenance: full insurance, data protection, logistics – it’s all included. Because you rent the devices, you are free to change the devices as many times as you like. This is handy with Apple’s annual release schedule!

Why settle for older tech?

Having the very latest tech allows your workforce to boost their productivity. Why use sluggish or outdated technology when better is available? Giving your staff access to the very latest chip set, or 5G, makes sure they are working at the top of their game.

Hate electronic waste?

Replacing a fleet of phones and laptops used to be a nightmare. You could go through the hassle of selling them, or even worse store them or throw them away. All of this hassle goes away with devices-as-a-service. We manage the devices after you return them. In this way, it’s not just great to access the very latest tech but it’s great for the environment too.

What about high-end computing?

We don’t just stock the latest range of Apple, Samsung and Dell products, we also provide very high spec computers as part of devices-as-a-service offering. This avoids the need to find large amounts of cash for upfront purchases of high end equipment. For a monthly fee, we can rent these devices to you. And when you need to upgrade, you got it, we sort that for you too.