We live in a world full of uncertainty. This can make business management incredibly challenging, so you need to know the benefits of cost certainty in your company. Device ownership can represent one such area of uncertainty. How much money will be required to buy new devices? How much money will be required to maintain a fleet of devices? What about cash to replace lost or stolen devices? These unknowns add up and make it difficult to predict cash flow and funding needs. We at INKI make life simple. Our straight-forward monthly rental costs coupled with the flexibility we offer for you to effortlessly increase or decrease your fleet of devices gives you the certainty of cost that you need.

Large and lumpy vs small and predictable

Purchasing laptops and phones for all the workforce is an expensive undertaking. Indeed, for some businesses it might be the largest asset on the balance sheet. The cycle of device purchase and replacement can create huge fluctuations year-on-year for a business. Hundreds of devices can easily be hundreds of thousands of euros. As a workforce expands, more device purchases are required. All of this makes it very difficult for management to forecast their cash flows and their funding requirements.

There is an alternative: devices-as-a-service. We offer laptops, tables and phones for an all-in monthly rental amount. We include in that cost all the services you require to keep your devices insured and secured. With devices-as-a-service, the costs associated with your device needs are highly predictable each month and are much smaller than the huge one-offs associated with asset purchase. This keeps your monthly device outgoings small and completely forecastable.

The unintended consequences of buying devices

Having to make decisions on large expenditures on assets can be a time-consuming challenge for management teams. Furthermore, it can understandably lead to decisions that might hamper your business elsewhere. If you needed to make some savings on replacing your owned device fleet, you might consider not opting for the latest tech or even delaying the replacement cycle to squeeze more life out of your large asset purchase. These types of decisions can mean your workforce are not equipped with the best tech for them to do their best work. With INKI, device rental can spare you these compromises. You can upgrade your tech at any point and our simple rental structure keeps the costs associated with devices tied to their monthly use. Worrying about where the cash will come from for a wholesale device fleet replacement simply goes away.