Laptops and mobile phones are expensive. Which is why they are such an easy target for thieves. Unfortunately, thefts are a fact of life and need to be considered for every business using laptops and phones. For companies that own their devices, they would be wise to consider insurance to cover these instances. They would also be wise to consider security software in order to prevent data loss. All of this represents cost, hassle and worry. We at INKI exist to take all those pains away.

Theft risk is a hidden cost to business

When companies buy phones not only do they have to spend the initial outlay, but they need to budget for ongoing insurance or loss replacement. When loss occurs, replacement costs need to be incurred or insurance companies need to be dealt with. These all represent hidden costs and wasted time that we believe a business can do without.

Furthermore, a company must consider any issues are data breaches and data loss. This can create an additional stress to lost or stolen devices. INKI includes encryption and mobile data management software on all devices it deploys to you. This means that as soon as you notify us through your self-service portal, the device is automatically blocked.

The INKI way

There is an alternative to buying and managing devices. We at INKI offer devices-as-a-service. We maintain, insure, and secure the laptops and phones and you pay a monthly all-in rental fee for their use. You can choose which devices you want and upgrade or downgrade at any time. Any accident, loss or theft is delt with entirely by us for a small one-off claim fee. You raise a ticket and we speedily deal with it. This means no hassle working with an insurance company and limited employee downtime. Take the hassle, pain and risk out of device ownership by using us to do it all for you.