Hardware ownership is an expensive undertaking. Not only do you have to buy the devices, but you must consider ongoing maintenance, insurance, data security and potential loss. These hidden charges add up. We at INKI believe in transparency: our simple monthly all-in device cost includes the services you require for hassle-free peace of mind. Our all-in prices save you approximately 20% or more versus the all-in costs associated with device ownership. That's why, the total cost of ownership (TCO) reduction is the top benefit of Devices-as-a-Service.

The perils of hidden costs

Computers and mobile phones are expensive to buy outright. The latest tech in particular carries a hefty price tag, especially when multiplied up by a large (and potentially growing) workforce. But the costs do not stop there. Your business relies on your workforce being able to work and communicate on this tech. Therefore, you want to make sure these devices are insured and secured. This is where the cost of ownership really escalates:

  • warranty extension beyond the manufacturer’s first year. If you are using your devices for more than a year, you will want a warranty extension to cover faults arising in the following years.
  • insurance. Your expensive devices are also expensive to repair and replace. To mitigate this, you will want insurance that covers loss, theft and damage.
  • mobile device management (MDM). Your devices contain data important to you and your company. In the event of loss or theft, you need to make sure you can remotely disable your devices to prevent data loss. Installing MDM gives you this ability. But of course, it comes with a licensing and setup cost.
  • IT team to manage devices. In-house device management at scale is not an effortless activity. The continuous cycle of asset purchase, asset management and asset disposal requires part- or full-time staff to manage.

And of course, there is the management team time and hassle of setting all of this up. We at INKI have designed a better way: a way that gives you access to all the tech you need with an all-in cost we estimate to save you approximately 20% of the all-in cost of device ownership.

What INKI is offering to reduce the total cost of ownership in the IT department of your company

INKI bundles all of these services with our hardware rental. For one monthly fee, you receive the device, the peace of mind of security and outsourced device management.

Think of us as your outsourced IT team: managing your devices professionally and securely on your behalf. All you have to do is tell us what devices you require and we do the rest. We can even send them directly to a distributed workforce, also saving you money on logistics.

The beautiful qualities of devices-as-a-service means total flexibility. Have a rapidly growing workforce and need more devices? Simple, let us know what you need and we do the rest. Want to upgrade to the very latest tech (even within the contracted term)? Simple, let us know what you need and we do the rest.