For a business owning their laptops and mobile phones, ongoing device management is hassle.  Accidents happen, losses occur, thefts are a sad fact of life.  Each of these issues creates ongoing headaches for the business in question.  We at INKI exist to take all of these pains away.  We offer you ‘devices-as-a-service’ – we rent you devices for one all-in monthly fee that includes all maintenance, insurance and security.  This takes the hassle completely out of using phones and laptops.

As our client, you benefit from INKI's device management support.  This allows you to effortlessly manage all the devices you use.  Any issue can be immediately reported to us using our easy-to-use portal and then tracked thereafter.  Gone are the days of endless calls or emails with IT support staff while you tear your hair out trying to find out what has happened to your phone sent away for repair.  Instead: you notify, we do and you sit back and get on with your business while we do the rest.

Data protection, fast

Your businesses laptops and mobile phones contains data you would prefer not to lose.  That’s why all the devices we deploy to you are encrypted and contain security software.  If you lose a device or are a victim of theft, you can immediately log on to the INKI portal and block it.  You can even remotely wipe it if you choose.  All with just a few clicks on our dashboard.

Don’t employ people to do basic device management

If you operate a large fleet of mobile devices, you might have an in-house IT team in charge of maintaining and replacing devices.  Don’t waste their time and your money.  By using INKI’s devices, you no longer need to task people with the basic logistics of moving devices around.  This allows them to focus on the higher value tasks that helps grow your business.  If you are not yet of the company size to have a dedicated IT team, then don’t waste your time with such tasks.  Our device management dashboard allows you to be just a few clicks away from reporting issues and securing devices.  Our device management dashboard strips away the hassle and pain of device management.