Business managers have a lot to think about. We don’t need to tell you that running a business is a hugely time-consuming and stressful experience. We believe that managers should aim to minimise all of the hassles that act to distract them from what they do best: managing their workforce and growing the business. One such hassle is the purchase and on-going management of company laptops, tablets and phones to a distributed workforce. We are here to take this hassle away.

The hassle of ownership

You might have a workforce that is distributed nationally, or even internationally. Managing their device needs can be complex and laborious. Not only is there the initial struggle of sending devices to multiple locations, but the ongoing maintenance of those devices becomes a real inconvenience. Accidents happen, faults occur, thefts arise. All of these issues require logistics and planning that simply act to sap time from those team members responsible for device management.

The costs stack up

Managing a complex fleet of devices adds significant cost to a business. Insurance is a must. Device logistics fees are a constant pest. A significant portion of an IT team’s time is spent managing all of the computers and phones. It turns out that hassle is an expensive business distraction. And an unnecessary one.

Dehassle your life with Devices-as-a-Service

The good news for hassle-haters everywhere is there is a much better way. Receiving your devices as part of an all-in super simple service completely strips away the nuisance and hidden cost of device ownership. We at INKI simply take care of it all. You select the devices you need, you tell us where you want them. We do the rest. Think of us as your outsourced IT team: we manage all your devices on your behalf, keeping them insured, secured and in the hands of your staff. We love dehassling, and we hope you enjoy the results of our passion!