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About INKI

INKI was founded on the belief that device-as-a-service is the right model for the new generation of agile, efficient, environmentally-conscious businesses.

Reinventing the circle

INKI created a circular economy model to drastically change the way companies buy and manage devices by turning them into a service. Our service is essentially a bundle of financing, insurance, remote device management, buyback, and assistance.

In a world that spends 522 billion USD on mobile phones and almost 140 billion USD on laptops and tablets that clutter our lives and our drawers, pollute the planet, the experience of owning such a device is far from ideal. Each such device generates 80 KG of CO2 equivalent to create and distribute. On top of that, there's the huge hassle of ownership as devices break, get lost, or stolen.

More than just devices

INKI is a frictionless subscription model, an all-inclusive service package and state of the art security that aims to create a global community of mobile device users and adjacent services for the modern urban entrepreneur, ultimately making our lives easier and our businesses more resilient.

Frictionless is the word

Our aim is to completely transform device ownership. Because it sucks, especially if you are an entrepreneur. If you love to deal with broken devices, with sourcing the best price every time, with securing the data and preventing leaks, with dealing with manufacturer warranty issues, with storage or scraping, with selling old devices and the necessary paperwork to recover the residual value, with making sure all of them are in your inventory and classified properly, then our service is not for you. We deal with all this hassle and just focus on delivering an uninterrupted use of the devices.


The team behind the INKI project is made out of experienced professionals.

Liviu Huluță

Client-focused professional that managed device insurance programs across Central & Eastern Europe with millions of devices insured with partners such as Vodafone, Orange, Deutsche Telekom and Telenor.

Cristian Darie

Digital product leader and entrepreneur experienced building technology startups in a variety of industries, including ecommerce, marketing automation, and enterprise innovation.

Karoly Kiss

One of the most experienced and customer focused after-sales professionals in the mobile device industry with expertise within the Nokia, Sony-Ericsson and Apple ecosystems.

Our Values


Be Fair

Constantly create customer value

Collaborate and embrace diversity

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