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The best company laptops and phones through a flexible, all-inclusive monthly subscription

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Welcome to productivity 2.0. With INKI, you're free to focus on what matters to you, knowing that all the operations related to purchasing, insuring, securing, servicing, replacing, and recycling devices are being handled for you.

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For each device, you pay an initial installment when placing the order, after which a monthly subscription for the duration of the contract. Our default contractual term is 24 months but we can accommodate other terms as well.

Returns or exchanges before the end of the term, as well as insurance claims, bear a fixed fee of 90 euro (+vat).

Simple, isn’t it?

Recommended by industry innovators

Some of the today's most innovative companies use INKI to optimise their fleet logistics, cashflow, data security and compliance. With INKI, you too can ensure your team is always using modern and well-maintained equipment, spending their time and energy focused on doing what they do best.

Among INKI’s multiple benefits, data security is particularly important for us as we're our way to getting our company ISO 27001-certified. On this front, INKI helps by ensuring that all devices (and the data stored on them) are protected at a high standard, simplifying our work in getting certified and maintaining a high level of data protection.

Alin Dobra, CEO

At FLOWX.AI, we believe in operating with high leverage to create more impact, and we believe in reducing friction to create speed. This is why we have created a platform that provides leverage to engineers to multiply their capabilities with a factor of 100x, by removing the frictions of the typical software development. But this is also the reason we use innovative services like INKI - to create leverage for our business in how we operate our logistics internally. And INKI is a great partner that has been working alongside us and took every opportunity to remove friction for us.

Ioan Iacob, CEO

The promise of a hassle-free, all-inclusive service with predictable costs is what convinced us to go with INKI. As a fast-growing company, it's important for us to keep our team focused on growing our core business, and keep them equipped with modern devices without spending time and resources managing those devices. INKI proved to be an innovative service that delivers on its promises and we’re happy to provide them with our warm recommendation.

Sorin Enache, COO

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